Vet and Transport

The numbers listed here are suggestions only....For the convenience of the potential buyers....Transportation from the lot is the responsibility of the New Owners and arrangements for hauling must be made by them with whomever they wish. The listed Vet is Dr. Harfst, used by the Assessor and an account with him must be opened if the buyer is making arrangements with the Assessor to employ her private Quarantine..None of this is mandatory. Once the Horse is purchased from it's legal Owner, the Horse belongs to the buyer and all arrangements for the Transport and Care are the 'business' of the buyer.


1.      Belvoir Horse Transportation : 877-395-077

2.       Zack Williams - Bar ZR Hauling     1-541-659-5448 

3.    . Wilfong Equine Services    


 Quarantine at a facility of your choice, is strongly advised as these horses have possibly been exposed to strangles.  
Upper respiratory infections, thrush, superficial injuries, stone bruises, lice and worm infestation are also common issues.

Please note:  If you want a horse to come to Camelot Farm (509-952-3866) until you can make arrangements to pick the horse up, these are the quarantine conditions:

No horses are allowed on Camelot Farm without a vet account opened and a bottle of penicillin and Zimmectrin Gold wormer purchased.   You will also need lice powder, ointment (vetricyn spray) (if the horse is photographed with an injury) and a halter, which you can purchase by opening an account with the local feed store/co-op (509-966-3820).  Pre pay by cc for your items and Sam will stop on the way to the feedlot to pick up meds, powder and the halter.
No horse will be allowed on the property without conformation that a vet account has been opened.  Please speak with Amanda at Animal Medical Services 509-965-2154.

Sam will begin ALL treatments at the feedlot before loading your horse up and transporting it to quarantine.

$40 Penicillin - Combi-Pen long acting 300,000 parts per ml (meaning double the strength then the feed store type)
$15 Wormer - Zimectrin Gold - hits tape worm
$15 per day boarding fee
$55, ($35 per head, for more than one) hauling fee

If horses need to stay longer than 3 weeks, they need to be vaccinated for Rhino/West Nile and be wormed again - at the owners expense.  Horses will then be moved to the long boarding area - pastures 100 x 500.

All arrangements and payment must be made ahead of time