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September 18: I have a new computer and it looks as if I can get back to updating...Yay!
Six new Listings today, With a shipment scheduled for Sunday ( Sept 21)
Buttercup: Sold

August 27:
Arley:: Sold
Wasabi: Sold
Saffron: Sold
Comet: Sold
Rascal: Sold
Juniper: Sold
Athena: Sold

August 12:
Franklin: Sold
Heath: Sold 

August 6:
Roxie: Sold
Hudson: Sold
Gabriel: Sold
Harper: Sold

August 5: Shipment tomorrow, none of the listings will be held back. 
Hudson: Sold
Gabriel: Sold
Harper: Sold

July 31:  Please welcome Eight new listings! We have something for everyone this week!

July 26: Per the FLO (feedlot owner) A shipment is scheduled for tomorrow.
Butterscotch: Sold
Aryo: Sold

July 22: New listings!

July 20 : July 20: Per Thunder Mountain Rescue,  Bonbon is funded. All the current listings are Sold. 
China: Sold
Argo: Sold
Broadway: Sold

July 16: I just heard that some people are still seeing this Blog thingy and thinking the site hasn't been updated since May. I thought no one was reading  it so I turned it off...or I thought I did..The sales pages are completely current and those are the ones I see when I log on. Since I obviously don't know what I'm doing with this page, I'll just go back to updating until I figure out what I did wrong :) We have five current listings and a notice that a shipment is scheduled for Sunday.

MAy 13:

May 11:
Maddy- Sold
Onyx -Sold
Wren- Sold

May 7:

May 2: Four new listings.
Kimba _ Sold
Loki - Sold
Cosmo -
Doc -Sold

April 24: 
Cola- Pending
Breeze- Sold!
Chickaboo-- Sold
Sawyer- Pending
Riverwind- Pending

April 21:
Chickaboo - Sold

Monday: April 8: We have a beautiful New TB Gelding listed :
Blu- Pending
Elf- Pending

This darned Blogger page hates me :) The posts will not seem to 'stick' properly. But, undaunted, I shall try again :)
Sunday April 7:  Four new listings. Just a 'Heads Up' about Cola, I believe there is a 'typo' in her description,I I think it is meant to say that Cola did NOT appear to have been ridden) but it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm assuming that Sam, like anyone else with a half-a-brain is sound asleep :) I will check with her in the morning and post an update on the description if it is needed...Still no reported instances of any illness from the New Re-homers, but it's still a good idea to stress QT.

March 29: Four new listings
Duchess - Sold
Nala- Pending
Chanel- Pending
Darby- Pending
Kirby- Sold
Dodger- Pending
Kizzy- Pending
Dotty -Pending

March 24; No shipping date has been announced and New Horses are listed:

March 19: 

 March 15;
             Karma - Sold
             Chip   - Sold


March 12 : No new news for the horses, all five are still available:
             Siren -
             Karma -
             Chip   -

March 10: Fingers crossed, My posts will 'stick' Now :) Five new Horses listed today and the disclaimer has been changed to include a notice about the need for QT: : "All assessments are offered as a courtesy only. Professional assessments and Vet Checks may be arranged at the expense of the buyer. While there is no mandatory Quarantine, we strongly  suggest that all horses, from any source, be quarantined before they are introduced into an established herd"....The New horses are :
             Siren -
             Karma -
             Chip   -

February 12:   The FLO says the current shipment schedule is set back to later in the week and the assessor will not be able to asses until this load is shipped...We are hoping to have more horses posted by this Week-End.

February 11: Second paint colt listed.
                    Merlin - Sold
                    Arthur - Sold
February 10: Just one new listing today, a baby.
                     Merlin -

February 7: A shipping schedule has been announced. The transport is scheduled to arrive on Saturday morning ( Feb 9). Two new horses were listed last evening and Our Amazing Shotgun is still available.
                    Shotgun -Sold
                    Bramble - Sold
                    Rhea - Sold
                   Catori - Pending
                  Chicklet  - Sold
                   Koda - Pending
                   Tassel -  Sold
                   Raliegh - Sold
                   Pebbles - Sold
                   Tandy - Sold
                   Cider - Sold
                   Flutter - Sold

February 1:
                  Chicklet  - Sold
                   Tassel -  Sold
                   Raliegh - Sold
                   Pebbles - Sold
                   Tandy - Sold
                   Cider - Sold
                   Flutter - Sold
January 31:
                  Raliegh - Sold
                  Pebbles - Sold
                  Tandy - Sold
                  Cider - Sold
                  Tassel -  Sold
                  Flutter - Sold

January 30: The big herd expected to arrive on the Feedlot has been delayed again, so there still aren't enough horses to justify a shipment this week and the Transport has been cancelled . I've set the next shipment date for next week as a 'guesstimate' and I'll change it as neccesary :) Horses available at this moment are:
                  Tandy - Sold
                  Cider - Sold
                  Tassel -
                  Flutter - Sold

January 29: The FLO has announced a shipment scheduled for Thursday, Jan 31. and Seven new listings have been added:
                  Cider - Sold

 January 26: No shipment today so all the current listings are safe until further notice:
                 Raliegh -
                 Sasha   - Sold
                 Trumpet and her filly, Squeek - Sold
                 Pebbles -
                 Tandy - 
January  17:  We have four and a half horses, and a lovely mule listed this week.
                 Raliegh -
                 Sasha   - Sold
                 Trumpet and her filly, Squeek - Sold
                  Pebbles -
                  Tandy - 

January  8: And four more beauties were late listings today we've added:
                 Keeper   -Sold
                 Sonnet   - Sold
                 Mimosa  - Sold             
                 Fairy      - Sold
                 Lark      - Sold
                 Kidd      -Sold
                 Melody  - Sold
                 Pepsi      -Sold
January 8: Okay, going to try this again :)...None of my posts seem to have 'stuck' in the past couple of weeks but I'm hoping the glitch has been fixed now
       A shipment is scheduled for this coming Saturday, January  12.
       Four glorious horses were listed this past week:
                  Keeper  -  Sold
                  Melody  -
                  Sonnet   -
                  Pepsi     -

December 25, 2012 : Merry Christmas!...It has been a wonderful week for the horses. All but two have been re-homed  and will be spending the New Year with thier new Families, safe from the threat of Slaughter...Just two waiting for thier Forever homes.
                 Bali    -  Sold
                 Cupid - Sold

December 21, 2012 : The lay off  turned out to be a lot longer than any of us expected.  The Feedlot Owner's injuries were complicated, making extended hospitalization neccesary. And without him there to purchase horses, we had none to list until he was released and returned . There are eight beauties assessed and listed now. So let's get back to work!
              Hollister  -  Sold
              Bonzai    -  Sold
              Snickers  - Sold
              Roux       - Sold
              Thor        - Sold
              Poppet    - Sold

Nov 12  : The Feedlot Owner has been hospitalized  and, with our listings sold, we have been working on the re-homers. With any luck we should be getting new assessments within the next few days .

October  30: Three new listings and a short  time to re-home them . The FLO is going into the hospital to repair a damaged ACL and will be clearing the lot this weekend.
                 Kimi - Sold
                 Titania - Sold
                 Slick -    Sold

October 27:  All of the past listings of the Feedlot Horses  are Sold and Safe..New listings will be posted as soon as the assessments arrive.

October 20: Three lovely new listings:
              Genie   - Sold
              Ringo   - Sold
              Caspian- Sold
              Chelsea-  Sold

October 18: Darn it the Blogger page is acting up again! I wrote a whole long rant on the events of the past weekend and it's all gone now - probably for the best :)... In short, on Friday Evening, all of the slaughterhouses in both Canada and Mexico shut down without warning and without an explanation. They re-opened on Monday but all of the holding pens are backed up and the haulers seem to be having problems scheduling pick-ups. So our announced shipment, this past Wednesday was cancelled. The earliest the hauler can schedule a collection from the Zillah lot will be next Wednesday,( October 24)  but no firm date has been set, as far as I know...We haven't had any new assessments in all the confusion, but expect some new listings shortly.
                  Charmz - Sold
                   Genie   -

October 5: Five new listings:
                Gizmo    - Sold
                 Raider   - Sold
                 Charmz  -Sold
                 Peaches -Sold
                 Genie     -
                 Hutch     -Sold
                 Foxy      -Sold

October 2:  Flashdancer is sold and a shipping schedule has been announced. The hauler is expected to arrive on Saturday morning (October 5). The FLO has requested all arrangements be finalized by Friday night
          Hutch - Sold
           Foxy -
October 1: Three new listings and no word of any shipping date as of this moment.
          Hutch           -
          Flashdancer  - Sold
          Foxy             -
          Flint              - Sold 

September 25:
         Charro  -     Sold
         Donner -     Sold
         BuckaRoo- Sold

September 24: I'm having a heck of a time trying to get my updates to 'stick' :) Three horses were listed last week and a shipment is scheduled for Friday Sept. 28...
          Charro  -
          Donner  -
          BucaRoo- Sold

Sept 18: Still no word on a shipping date and only One horse left listed.
         Razzle -  Sold
Sept 15: Five new listings:
         Poppy - Sold
         Kodiak- Sold
         Razzle -
         Hotshot- Sold

Sept 12: Well Pfft. Seems the blogger has eaten an entire week of listings and updates. But as of 2:53 P.M. All of the listings are Sold and Safe with two whole hours to spare before the FLO starts tagging. May the Ones we couldn't list, Rest in Peace.
          Rosso - Sold
          Spice -  Sold
          Dhani - Sold

Sept 04: All the listings are sold and safe.

 Sept 03: Shipment scheduled for tomorrow.
           Brom : - Sold
           Piper : -Sold

Sept 02: Shasta and Koa are sold and the shipping date is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 4.
           Brom :
           Posy  : - Sold
           Piper :

August 28 :  New Horses listed. I haven't heard, yet about a shipping date but will post as soon as I recieve any information. The new horses are:
            Shasta - Sold
            Koa - Sold

August 24: All the past listings are sold and we are going to take a few days break to begin working on the New Project. I will be leaving the assessments up on the sales page as examples for a new group of listers which I hope will be using our service soon...And Yup, I know I should have thought about the confusion of leaving the horses listed BEFORE I started the project but this is just another example of a Brilliant Group having a Dufus as an admin ;)To repeat: All listed horses are Sold.

August 19: Just got a message that the schedule for shipping has been delayed until Friday  the 24th. I'm not  looking this 'gift horse' in the mouth, I'm just saying Thank You to whoever or whatever caused the delay and taking the extra time, because we really need it this week.
 August 17: Five new horses listed:
               Hollyhock - Sold
               Mistral - Sold
               Snow - Sold
               Aladdin - Sold
               Azuza - Sold
               Jake - Sold
               Sparks -Sold
August 13: The FLO has returned from his fishing trip and a shipment is scheduled for next Monday ( the 20th) . Three new horses listed:
                 Dooley - Sold
 August 8: Still no report of the truck arriving and I've heard reports of the lot being stuffed with cattle as well as Horses. No explanation for the delays. Three new horses listed:
              Scooby - Sold
               Ranger- Sold
               Guiness- Sold by the FLO
 August 3: The shipment has been delayed until Monday - Apparently the hauler has a big job with a herd of cattle, so the Horses will have another couple of days.
July 30: We just heard the FLO wants to clear the lot on Friday or Saturday, as he will be away next week. So we might only have five days this time to get all of these beauties re-homed.
July 29: Seven new Horses posted, no news of any shipping schedule yet. The New horses are:
                 Riata -Sold
                 Sierra- Sold
                  Maya - Sold
                  Pearl- Sold
                  Assault Princess-Sold
July 28 : Both of the listed Horses were safely re-homed  before the shipment yesterday and no new listings have been posted.

July 26: A shipment is scheduled for tomorrow. Buck and Willy will be collected today for thier trip home, but Paisley and Reeves are in real danger of being lost
             Paisley- Sold
             Reese.- Sold
July 21 : Two new horses listed
            Reese -
            Buck -Sold
            Willy- Sold
 July 18: Batman and Nina are both sold and off the lot leaving four still available and in danger: An illness has been reported on the lot. It is a simple cold and easilly cured. But we are announcing the occurance and repeating our strong suggestion that all Horses from any sources are QT'd before they are introduced into an established herd.
          Candy Apple -sold
            Seth in QT- sold
July 16: Sad News, Our lovely Aspen passed away on the feedlot last night. RIP Aspen.
 July 14: We were notified the FLO has enough horses on the lot to fill a trailer and will not need "Our' Listings. We added two more horses to the ones left from last week.
          Candy Apple
          Batman - Sold
          Fala - Sold
          Ladybug -Sold
          Seth  - In QT -needs home
          Aria - Sold
          Dusty Darling - Sold
          Pali Princess - Sold
          Prada - Sold
          Aspen- died on the lot
          Nina - Sold
          Jeb- Sold
July 12, the shipment has been delayed by a day..It's now scheduled for Saturday, July 14. We have a whole 'nuther day! :)
July 11..Update Shipment is scheduled for Friday, July  13, all arrangements must  be made by 10 A.M. they will be tagged at 11 and the tags will not be removed for late sales.
July 11...Okay, as you might be able to deduce from the long 'lag' in updating, my computer problems continued and turned into a saga of epic proportions. I don't like change and when I bought a new computer I couldn't figure out how to log on with the new OS, then when I finally surrendered and had my Old computer rebuilt I...well I basically forgot all about updating this page...Head hanging in shame, I apologize to all my 'Regular Readers' (all ONE of them :) ) and promise to return to  offering the Weekly Reports.
     The past couple of weeks have been weird. Very quiet and our number of re-homings was reduced to One while we added Five new horses which brings our total to twelve. No shipping date has been scheduled as of this moment, but as always, that could change in the next five minutes. We have something for everyone this time, even some really sweet mules :) The Horses available for purchase are:
          Fala - Sold
          Seth  - In QT
          Aria - Sold
          Dusty Darling - Sold
          Pali Princess - Sold
          Prada - Sold
          Jeb- Sold

May 12,..We only have two horses listed at the moment. The assessor was at the lot helping to load one of the horses for it's trip home and she spied some newcomers, a pair of beautiful Standardbreds, trained to drive. She snapped a picture with her cell phone and will assess them on Monday or  Tuesday .
May 8...Don't get me started. My computer died and while I'm  trying to ressurect it, I'm stuck using the 'computer-saurus''s almost as old as I am and isn't happy about being called out of retirement. So I've called on the generosity of My Dear Friends and they  have done an excellent job getting the new listings posted...Thank You Michele!.. We are expecting a truck on Thursday, the  10th, just two days away  and we have listed 6 more horses, two of them from a brood farm:
       Laurel -Safe
       Brogan -Safe
       Basil -Safe
       Rose - Safe
       Lillian -Safe
       Saxon - sold
       Wynn -sold
       Darcy- Sold
May 5:. I suppose you can never 'tell' about people. A few days ago the Feedlot Owner shipped Cleo even though a Rescue had raised the funds to buy her and contacted him .just a few moments after she was loaded on the truck . He refused to unload her and she was lost to the shipper. But this morning the Same FLO sent a picture of some new arrivals at the lot, a beautiful Paint Mare and her small Paint Foal. We aren't waiting for an official assessment. The lot is a dangerous place for grown horses, this tiny baby needs to get out of there immediately. The current assessments are listed as:
       Lyric and Little Singer - sold
       Silk - sold

April 28: We lost Cleo to the shipper. RIP Pretty girl.
April 28 : Situations can change in the  'blink of an eye'. We were told two days ago, that there weren't enough horses on the lot to justify the costs of a shipment. Then, yesterday, the Feedlot owner called to say he was combining a shipment with another Kill buyer. These horses belong to him and he has the right to sell them as he sees fit.. But we don't have to like it. As of this moment, we have until this afternoon to get them safe, or they could be gone.
April 27: No truck date is scheduled as of today and ten new horses have been listed:
       Tickle - Sold
        Epona - Sold
        Cascade - Sold
        Poncho -Sold
        Barbie - Sold
        Minnie & Mitzy - Sold
        Dallas - Sold
        Dylan - Sold
        Cleo -Shipped to Mexico
        Mojo - Sold
 April 21: Only Tickle is left from last weeks listings. The shipment went out today and another is not expected for a week.
April 16: Still have Sadie and Bronson to re-home. They have survived two shipments from the lot.We need to get these Beauties into a safe home.
         Ember - Sold
         Sadie -Sold
         Bronson -Sold
 April 7: The truck came and went  leaving Sadie and Bronson behind. They are still available,...May all the Beauties who were not so lucky, RIP.
Shipment expected on Saturday , April 7
April 4 : Four new horses listed and we haven't heard an official shipping date yet.
        Nugget -Sold
        Junior- Sold

March 22:  Two new horses listed:
        Dani - Sold
        Sunny -Sold

March 7:  Shipment scheduled for tomorrow, March 8...Let's hope our Horses aren't needed to  fill the trailer. We still have time to help a few so let's keep posting!  New horses were listed:
         Riley - Sold
         Baloo - Sold
         Taco - Sold
         Tater and Tot - Sold
         Pasco - Sold

February 29:  Baloo and Taco were held back for another week and we've listed five new horses;
       Sheena -Sold
       Hope - Re-homed
       Tuffy - Sold
       Cody - Sold

 February 24:  Shipment scheduled for tomorrow, Feb, 25.
February 17 : Our short vacation is over. The Feedlot Owner has cleaned up the lot and  the Assessor has been allowed back in to find the pens crammed with some Amazing Horses.
         Austin -Sold
         Aurora - Sold
         Starling -Sold
         Gingersnap -Sold
         Cameo - Sold
         Hawkins - Sold
         Ballad - Sold
         Kai - Sold
         Waco -Sold
         Calico - Sold
         Cannon - Sold

January 27: One more horse listed before we take our break. He's just too nice to leave on the lot .
January 24: For the first time in a very long time, all of our Listings have been re-homed a full day before the shipping date. Our Assessor says there may be one more horse to list before the Feedlot Owner clears the lot to deal with the Strangles virus. So we might be taking a break for a couple of weeks. But please keep checking back. because, unfortunately, as long as we allow Equine slaughter in this country, we will be finding these Beautiful horses on the Feedlot.
January 20 : A shipment is scheduled for next Wednesday, Jan, 25...Griffen died last week due to complications of the Strangles virus..RIP pretty boy.
            Vixen - Sold
             Lancer - sold
             Temple- Sold
             Griffen - died on the lot
             Royal Lass - Sold
             Riddle - Sold
January 10:  Four new horses listed.  Still no news on the next shipping date.
             Lancer - sold
             Griffen - died on the lot
             Royal Lass

January 6 : Hmmm, it looks as if my most recent update didn't 'stick'.  Must be a 'fault' with the site because I couldn't possibly have pushed the wrong button :) We haven't heard of any new date set for the next shipment and there will be new assessments posted within a couple of days. Cinders, Leela and Jynx are sold so the ones left are:
               Royal Lass

 December 30, We lost Fritz to the Shipment...RIP Pretty Boy.
              Cougar - Sold
              Fritz -shipped
              Dinah - Sold
              Cinders -Sold
              Flash - Sold
              Decker - Sold
              Starbuck - Sold
              Pippi - Sold
              Phantom -Sold
              Leela -Sold
              Jynx -Jynx
              Ruby Moon -Sold
              Royal Lass
              Golden Charm -Sold
              Dream Weaver - Sold
              Frodo - Sold
              Magic -Sold

December  28 : Shipment is scheduled for this Friday, December 30...and We've listed 7 new horses. Some of them are a New Breed for us, Mountain Pleasure Horses., not papered, but four gaited, and very pretty.
              Ruby Moon
              Royal Lass
              Golden Charm
              Dream Weaver
December 25 : Merry Christmas!
 December 20 : New assessments and eight lovely new horses have been added to the listings.
               Starlet - Sold

  December 17: None of our listed horses was shipped and no news of the next shipment date has been announced
  December 13: A shipment is scheduled for this coming Saturday Morning ( Dec 17).
  December 9: The shipment this week has been cancelled. The Feedlot Owner reports he will re-schedule for sometime the end of next week.  
    December  7: A shipment is scheduled for Saturday, the 9th. But the transporter cannot guarantee  he will have the time until Monday.
     December 1: This could be the worst day in the History of our Group. We lost so many horses in the last shipment it's difficult to even try to express the sorrow... RIP Innocent Souls, we will remember and work to try to help those left.
                Bliss- Sold
                Rex- Sold             
                Kissie - Sold
                Bedazzled -Sold
                Karana - Sold
     Nov 30 : The last shipping date was scheduled  for Friday or Saturday then Moved up to today.. We can only hope Our Listings will be held back, and still be available tomorrow.
     We received word that the Gates were closed at the Florence Packing Company and no horses would be accepted until Sunday, November 13, and so the Shipment from the Feedlot will be, at the earliest November 14.

     November 5: We received new pictures of  some of the TB's. We do not usually list untrained horses. But these beauties are Well Bred, Young and Healthy. So they might find homes with People looking for an excellent Training Prospect. The latest report we have heard for a shipping date is  Friday, November 11th
                  Noah- Shipped
                  Bedazzled -  Sold
                  Justin:- Sold
                  Keifer:- Sold
                  Gemma -Shipped
                  Karana - Sold
                  Bubba - Shipped
                  Harmony- Sold

     October 28: 12 TB's have been listed. Their ages range from 3 to 20 years. All are registered and the papers are available. What a sad comment on the current Market when we are seeing horses of this calibre and breeding, standing on the Feedlot.
    The day has taken another 30+, Innocent souls to their deaths. But none of the Listed Horses were lost. All but four were sold. Still Available:
                 Kismet - Sold                                                                                                                                             Justin 
                 Keifer, still in the Kill Pen in Toppenish.

    The shipment has been delayed until Friday. October 28. We were given no reason for this - Sometimes the pens at Florence Packing are filled and cannot accommodate any more horses, sometimes the Canadian Canner has reached it's capacity and sometimes the transporter just can't make it as scheduled.We don't own these horses and have no voice in any of the schedules or plans for them. So we will keep working to advertise them until the gates are locked and the truck is gone.

    A shipment is scheduled to leave the Feedlot on Wednesday, Oct , 26. As always we cannot say which of the horses will be chosen, by the Owner, to fill the trailer headed for Florence Packing. Some, or all, of our listed  horses, might be held back for another week. But, at this point, all eight listed on the  Zillah Feedlot are in danger:
      Susie Que -Sold
      Firefly - Sold
      Haley - Sold
      Branagan - Sold
      Kingston - Sold
      Danny Boy- Sold
      Coco-Rose -Sold
    Keifer and Lincoln are in a Kill Pen in Toppenish and we have heard  of no change in their status. They are still there. But until they are purchased, they will belong to the Kill Buyer and can be sold to Slaughter at any time.
      Lincoln -Sold