Success Stories

Yesterday was Hanna Rucker and Harley's first Show for Central Washington Pony Club.. She took 4th place in Western Equtaion, 4th in Barrels, 4th in Key Hole, and 2nd in Pole Bending.. I want people to see this pony and how wonderful he is we got him on Oct. 28th 11. He was saved from Slaughter and he is my daughter's best friend.. Thank you Rebels and Hanna's Fairy God Mother for saving HARLEY!!!!!!!!

Mighty Hercules (Shadrach) came to us two years ago as a skinny, gangly 2 year old. Just look at him now he is a force to be reckoned with.
Hi All! Marly aka "Rasta Man" and I are doing great at the show. He is very green and the jumps are bright colored and intimating so yesterday we worked the kinks out. However today Marley and I were right on. We would have won if I had not gone off course, but we still placed second. I am pumped for tomorrow as we are getting better and better! It is an amazing experience and I am so happy to be back showing!!!
Muggles competing this year in Jr Rodeo with our 10 year old. Outstanding horse with a heart and drive you don't find everyday
Charlie (Prince Caspian) tuned up and enjoyed by my boys, now lives with some of my students. He is well loved and another true gem.
Maisy came for a 60 day stay and went to a great 4-H home with a very happy girl.
Here are a couple Treasures for you Helen. Bay one is Ella (CBER Shelby) she has been here for 3 years and the black is Licorice who came from Waynes and she is on her second season with us.
: Rizzo was a favorite on the FL...he's also a favorite here. He's been with us for 4 years now and is trail ridden by friends and family. This picture was taken on the beach at Grayland.
Sunstone (CBER) May 2008 My Mothers Day present. Spoiled and well loved..Barn name Smarty Poo...pic 11/2010
Here is Amy with "Denim" who couldn't care less about the tarp. This registered broodmare wasn't just another "save" but turned into a cause following her 2nd ride. Badly injured on the feedlot, she came very close to shipping. Here she is this week - sound and had a successful ride!
One of three of My Treasures... Raven. She gentle and kind, with a spunky attitude
Although he has moved on to teaching someone else dressage he is a great rescue story and an amazing horse! Tolo (CBER Splendor

Liberty (Fisher Miss) foaled May 14, 2007 and great grand-daughter of Secretariat found herself on the feedlot at age 3 on April 21, 2010. She is one of those special horses. She endears herself to everyone who meets her. However, even with this, she wasn’t able to find a home and only because of the soft heart of Sam, she was taken to quarantine and was saved from shipping to slaughter. It wasn’t until 4 months later, in August, that she came into my life. She wasn’t the horse I was looking for but this, my heart horse, is the horse I needed. You couldn't ask for a sweeter, more gentle or loving horse. From the bottom of my heart, and every day, Thank you Sam!!
Carmen, an Appendix AQHA, in her younger years she raced and won a little. Nicely bred, fun trail horse and as sweet as they come. At 20 years old she gave Karan's arms a work-out on this ride
("Bunny' was formerly "Blossom" on the feedlot)
I LOVE MY BUNNIE EARS! The little mule that was almost euthanized because they couldn't touch her ears....sure glad they couldn't! She has a home for life. You can't walk by her without smiling. She is loved by everyone...especially me! She now rides, and drives...willingly. (Pictured with daughter Amy driving.)
Alise was her name on the feedlot she is the Princess Beast now and Ive never loved a horse more! This is her half pass down the beach at Grayland :)
Trinket is my treasure. She went from feedlot, afraid, full of burs and tangles in her mane and tail, unbroke to an awesome companion and riding horse. She follows me around everywhere in the pen and has started a show carreer in drill. She has given back easily four times the love I have. She will be with me for the rest of her life.